bulbs stopped working on alexa

After a year of no problems, the bulbs have stopped connecting with Alexa. I’ve reset the router, the bulbs, the yeelight alexa skill, and the yeelight app and the alexa app all many times over the last few weeks.
The yeelight app works Although it has become a bit buggy and the on off lights don’t actually light up on the app, i have to refresh the screen and then it reasons correctly.
I think it’s the yeelight skill that is not working. The bulbs work with the yeelight app, alexa works fine, is just she says ‘device unrespinsive’.

Which server do you select?

Could you please post the ping result of "sg.ot.io.mi.com”、"ot.io.mi.com”、us.ot.io.mi.com”、de.ot.io.mi.com” and ru.ot.io.mi.com?

Please have a try with a faster server based on ping result.