Bugs in the Yeelight app

1, Setting Moon mode doesn’t work in group mode. In single mode works.

2, Message Center - Feedback -> after submitting feedback the app is crashing on iOs 12/iPhone 7.

3, It would be great to sort by name in the device list (or functionality to rearrange devices):

Thanks for your feedback, we will have a look.

@madrian Thanks for your feedback.
Item1 will be fixed in next official release.
Item2 can not reproduce locally for me, could you send more details, such as Yeelight App version, feedback contents, connected server.
BTW, If you want try the TestFlight version, you can pm me your email.

Cannot reproduce Item2 today, yesterday I had multiple times. I report back later.

Can you check one more thing in the group mode (or even single mode)?

Switch to Sunset -> OK.
Switch from Sunset -> Night mode. OK
Switch from Night -> Sunset. NOT OK, it’s not Sunset theme.
Switch from Sunset -> Dressing. OK
Switch from Dressing -> Sunset. OK

Something is broken when I switch from Night mode.

We are on holidays these days, will have a look at the issue next week. Thanks for your feedback.


Sunset for ceiling is brightness flow.
When sunset applied, only brightness will be changed. The mode (white or moon) won’t be changed.