Cannot connect yeelight with google home

google home will sign in to sync with yeelight, but nothing happens. it look likes its trying pops up on the next screen but disappears.

mi id: 1849960505

Having this icloud same issue. Some are saying that its gimp not supported on google home. Is it so?

I have read all over the forums that this is a bug. Similar issue plagued me during initial setup.

My bulbs are all wifi, bluetooth ones apparently wont work.

Yee team needs to do something on their end. So post your Mi Id and wait with me for them to get to our thread. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

which server are you using? Google Home doesn’t support China Mainland server.

i am connected to the us server

@yusure Please help have a look at the issue.

Please try change your mobile phone default browser

The default browser did not work.
I installed Firefox, and set that as default. That worked, but the default google chrome webbrowser did not work.

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emm… this is browser issue, many users have experienced this problem.
About chrome browser: try clean cache or reinstall it .