Yeelight YLFW01YL Smart Atmosphere Candela Light connection over Mi Home app with GW bluetooth

Hello team

I recently bought this product Yeelight YLFW01YL Smart Atmosphere Candela Light. But I notice that, this is not a part of the devices available on the My Home app in order to be added: face_with_raised_eyebrow: can you please let me know the reason of this ?? … I do not really understand this … because there are also devices with connection over the Bluetooth using the Bluetooth gateway over the My Home App and also there are yeelight ceiling lights with this function and bedside lamps: thinking :: hushed:

Can you please let me know if in the near future you are going to implement any way to control this device
really remotely instead of using the direct Bluetooth connection ??

Thank you in advance for your support and best regards


Ceiling light lamp is dual ship with bluetooth and wifi built in, while Candela light is only based on bluetooth.

Ok I understand this.

But my question is: it’s not possible to control this device over the Bluetooth gateway? Like other devices example the Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor LCD Screen Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Moisture Meter and the flower care sensors…

Thank you again for your support and best regards

During the campaign they promised this function and every time I asked just keep repeating to keep waiting. They clearly gave up and this integration will never see the light of a day. Maybe because poor sales due to high price. Have few of those myself and as much as I really like them I wish there was control over BLE gateway or some other additional device.

Now they are crowdfunding for new extended light strip which can be purchased in many places already… Facepalm.

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Yes, Just like you, I love the product. But it doesn’t make sense a company like Yeelight and Xiaomi create a “smart” product, and the only way to control this product is a few meters from them with a bluetooth connection, in my opinion this kind of situation transform this device in a non smart device … @dingyichen can you please ask to your team to take this in consideration and in the near future add the possibility to control this device over the Bluettoth gateway BLE I thing this is not a huge developer for your team and it will be a grate more value for this product and also a great improvement for the people that already have this device :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for you support and best regards

Unfortunately I must agree with the comments. The price is to high - nobody wants only 1 Candela, it is only nice to have like 3-4 pieces in the room, and i.e. 4x35$ is way too much. And no real connectivity even for us with BLE gateway…

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Hello Yeelight team and @dingyichen

No you have any news about this topic ?

Thank you for your support


Je suis également intéressé par le sujet.
J’ai acheté une Mi Bedside Lamp persuadé de poiuvoir connecter ma Candela, et je me rends compte que cela ne marche pas :confused: .

Je ne comprends pourquoi cela marche avec des capteurs de fleurs BLE, mais que ça n’a pas été développé pour la Candela :o

Hello @dingyichen I recently discover this info as you can view on bellow

can you please let me know if this procedure is also compatible with the yeelight candela

Thank you for your support and reply

Instructions for Bluetooth Mesh gateway

With a Bluetooth Mesh gateway, Bluetooth Mesh devices can be added and operated through voice commands. Currently, only XiaoAi smart alarm clock can be used as a Bluetooth Mesh gateway.

Currently, there are four Bluetooth Mesh lights available:

  1. Yeelight smart light bulb (Mesh)

  2. Yeelight smart down light

  3. Yeelight candle bulb

  4. Yeelight spotlight

How to add Bluetooth Mesh lights through voice commands?

  1. Install the smart light bulb in a light socket and turn it on;

  2. Say “小爱同学,发现设备(Xiao’ai tongxue, faxian shebei)” to XiaoAi smart alarm clock.


If the light has already been paired, you need to reset it first. Tap the on/off button five times (each time should last for one second), then turn it on for the sixth time. If the light blinks, the reset is successful.

Tried this already but it doesn’t seem to work. Also they did not list Candela. Hopefully they will do firmware update but I lost hope at this point.

I am afraid not, Yeelight candela has different ble mesh protocol with these products you list.

Ok thannk you for your reply … :frowning:

I recent discover this:


and you have the folowing picture in this document:

My question is now: when you are going provide this future that you mentioned as coming soon?
The integration of this device with a google home, amazon alexa and ifttt app

Thank you and best regards

If thr is no straight answer. Means not going to happen. They have move on to other products.

We just have to take note of future products n to take such details as may nt be true.

I own 2 of these by the way :sweat_smile:

Still waiting for solution :confused:

Still waiting for you to add it to ble mesh and mi home integration

I also am waiting for BLE or MiHome integration. Why can’t you add it? :frowning: