Rooms and scenes missing in app


@coasterli Yep, I will be happy to help you. Tell me what to do and I will do



Which Android version do you have with your phone?

We have found the root cause. It will happen on Android version below lollipop, TSL protocol version issue.


Could you have a try again? The issue has been fixed.



Android 5.1 lollipop. My smartphone is a Meizu m2 note with Flyme Rom (based on Android 5.1)

Issue still there (recommended scene is blank, cannot save custom colors.)

What I’ve done:

I joined the beta chennel on the play store, deleted app cache, uninstalled stable version and installed beta 3.1.70, reinitiated the light bulb, connected to german server, linked/associated light bulb.


Thanks for you feedback, I have reproduced the issue from Android 5.0.1 in our lab. Now a new version v71 with the fix is available from beta test, please have a try.


edit: Tested v72, same issue with accessing favorites colors from device tab, plz check animated screenshot below


Ok, It’s a bit better, the “recommended scenes” tab work again, and I don’t have error message when saving favorite colors.
But now, it introduce another issue when trying to access favorites list. It display 2 blank screens and go back to devices list:


Ok, I will take a look at the issue.

Update: New version 3.1.73 is release in beata, have a try.



Nice, it’s works. Was a bit buggy at first just after update (saved colours were saved with “flow” type instead of “color”) but after de-associating the bulb, disconnecting, killing app, clearing cache, reinitiating the bulb and redone everything, everything work nice.

Thanks guys ! :+1:


Im having this issue now too. Just got my bulbs yesterday (the v2 rgb) and my room and scenes are gone but when I create another room the bulbs say the are still part of my original room I had created. I’m on the North American servers. I don’t know if they are down or something like that.


Could you provider your xiaomi account?