Rooms and scenes missing in app

Tried creating a new room and moving my bulbs, Room tab stays empty.
I can only see my bulbs in the Devices tab and control them individually, but not all of them at once.
Signing out and back in doesn’t help. Reinstalling the app doesn’t help.
MI ID: 1658819292
Server: German (I live in Europe)

Edit: App version is 3.1.62

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I have the same issue, I’m assuming the problem is server related.

Yesterday created 4 scenes and 8 favorites… today: all gone.

Please Yeelight… let me save this stuff locally, as an xml-file or i don´t know what, but don´t make me do this tedious work over and over again. What is “smart” about that, that i depend on the good luck of the german server?

By the way, my Customization is still available.

And a second oddity: I also control a Xiaomi Bedside lamp with the Yeelight app and named it “Bedside” but every time I open and close the yeelight app, the name returns to “Bedside Lamp”. So it seems the german sever is not working correctly…

Server: German.
Id: 1738563525

and I lost my room. also a German server.

Same here, was wondering why my goodnight routine in Google assistant wasn’t toggling my custom scene and found out all my scenes and rooms are missing.

Server: German
ID: 1590146458

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I have exactly the same problem, had a lot of rooms and scenes and now everything is gone.
The screen of rooms is empty but I want to add a new room the app is showing which lights in which rooms are. So the app knows it but doesnt show it.
About the scenes I also don’t know where they are now.

Also german server.
Mi ID: 1847131323

Me too. I have exactly the same problem,
Also German server

We will have a look at the issue.

@trilogias @Belithraldor @RTX96NL @Henning @Araragi @vassie

Sorry about the problem, there’s an issue of Germany server outage. We have fixed, please have a try.

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If I am in Europe, what is the best server to use , Germany or Singapore.
Does it make any difference when using the Yeelight bulb with Google Assistant ?

Both server have the same function. You’d better choose the one that is geographically close to your location.

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If change the server , do I have to perform again all the hole procedure to reset bulb, pair it to my smartphone, and sync it to google ?
Once the bulb is synced with google in with the MI account do I loose this, if I change the region server ?

If you change the server, you have to do the whole setup procedure again.

Yes it works again. Thanks

Thanks Now It works

…and its back, great. :slight_smile:

But still, why not make it possible to locally save the scenes/favorites?

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Got a similar issue here. My favorite saved colors are all missing, saving new one always fail, also recommended color tab is blank.

Got this issue since at least September 22th,

I’m from France,
Server: Germany
Mi id: 1587477227

Which version of Yeelight do you use?

Yeelight app 3.1.62 on android


We have received some feedback about this issue, but unfortunately we can’t reproduce it in our lab.

Version 3.1.69 has been released via internal testing channel to debug this issue, appreciate if you could help to reproduce it.

Let me know.