Couldn't link my Yeelight LED Bulb v2 (colored) to Google Home

Hello there,

I’m stuck in the permission page when linking Yeelight LED Bulb (color) to Google Home! It says “Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection.” My internet connection is fine. I’m base here in the Philippines and I’m using Singapore server. Here’s my ID: 1863676856

Hope you can help me! Thanks in advance!

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Hello, the same thing is happening also to me in Romania, using the Singapore server. Already tried to create another Mi account and reset the bulb, reset google, change the default browser app from Chrome to Samsung Internet. No luck!

Please help !!!

I’m having the same issue after having unlinked my account and then attempting to relink it straight away. My mi id is 1774422980.

Try again now, I can confirm , I successfully added my Yeelight v2 RGB to google this morning.


Confirmed, successful added to google home! but the problem is When I say the command like, “Hey google, movie time!” and he will change the exact color of the llight but he will response "Sorry, I am unable to reach movie time right now. Please try again.