Devellopers, I have a simple question

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Dev i have a question for you
In sources code of yeelight bulb RBG, is there some kind of connection status check?
If so, I think that all the problems of connection stability come from there.
I think that’s because I did some tests. I let my dhcp activate and everything automatically on my box and when my bulb disconnect it was not really disconnect as this screenshot proves

She only disrupts her IP.
So I assigned a fixed ip to my bulbs and the problem continues BUT I just have to wait (I don’t know how long I didn’t calculate) and as if by magic the bulb will come back and take back its local IP address FIXED book for it.

So I have 3 theories: either when checking the connection status it creates a problem with the fixed IP address.

Either the bulb automatically goes into random standby or by a lack of use of the bulb.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. Very inspiring.

Let me try to understand your obsevations.

  1. When there’s a fixed IP address reserved for this bulb, it goes offline after a short while but will eventually come back online. My questions:
    a) how long does it take to go offline (since power cycle on)?
    b) how long to go online again (since going offline)?
    c) what’s the DHCP server’s lease expiration time?

  2. If the DHCP automatically assign ‘random’ IP addresses to devices, the bulb goes offline soon and won’t come back online. Maybe the bulb have problems accepting IP addresses dufferent than the one it’s already holding. We will review code to confirm.

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The disconnection time is random but they are MUCH more frequent when I assign them a fixed ip (10 to 15X per day). So I gave them an ip not fixed but with a delay of 11 days with the DHCP.

But I also noticed that if I turn on my second light within 2 hours it is the mandatory “disconnection” (loss of ip) no matter if fixed IP or not.

On the other hand what is very strange is that when she loses the ip she loses it together at the same time and when she finds it again she finds it at the same time.

Wait your reply :blush:

UP :pensive:

@Nexter what’s the router model?

It’s “la box” by numericable

Any chance to try with another router?