Yeelight 650 full manual control


I just bought a yeelight 650.

I had a hard time installing it, as I was properly connecting it but no power at all. At the end I opened the mount connector and reassembled everything and then it worked. Seems that the connector was not assembled correctly from factory.

Now I think that the app is missing a really basic feature, that is to be able to fully control manually the brightness and temp of the light. From what I have seen, you can either have it in moon mode or in normal mode, i.e. There is no way to manually control the brightness from zero to 100% through a scrolling bar and in the meantime to change the temperature ; unless I am missing something, in which case pleased to hear your advice.

As I understand, you can either set it in moon mode where the brightness goes from zero to somehow low light, or go to normal mode with full brightness mode but the lowest setting is still way too bright.

Can you please integrate in the next update the option to have a full manual mode of everything depending on each customer’s liking?
I think that this will be useful for everyone.

Kind regards


Repeatedly press +/- sign on remote control.

Can you be more specific? I have tried all combinations to make it work but it only works as described above, regardless if I operate it through the remote or yeelight app, that is:

-if in moon mode, then the brightness can go from zero up to a specific “low brightness”
-if in normal main light mode, the light can go to full blast, but the minimum light is still too bright (if I compare it with the previous bulb that was installed at the same place, it was about 800lumens and the minimum setting in main mode is pretty similar in brightness)
-I would like to have an option, let’s say an extra tab next to presets/sun/moon, where brightness can go from 0-100% and same to apply to temperature.

Unless if this should work this way but does not work on mine?


Only brightness change support in Moon mode, color temperature is fixed. And in normal mode you can change brightness and also color temperature.

Yes I know that for moon mode.

The problem is that in normal mode the lowest brightness is still TOO bright, so most of the times I have to change mode and switch it to moon mode to find the proper brightness.

Is there any chance that you can fix this? Can you make the slider bar in normal mode to go to much lower brightness? This is something that really bothers me and I find myself each day trying to find the proper brightness between modes, whereas if I had a more “simple” dimmable light this would be really easy to adjust through the slider.

ID: 1862795063

Thanks in advance for your assistance

I don’t thinks so we can change lowest brightness in normal mode, it is made by design :rofl:

I believe that this can be implemented in the API, since the leds by themselves can be lit in lower brightness.

Be honest, we really want to full manual control brightness and we were trying our best to implement it. However, we didn’t find a doable way.