Bedside v2 + hygrothermo : remote OK but no history



I have a bedside v2 acting as BLE gateway, with an hygro-thermo sensor connected.
My account is connected to the China server.
While away from home, I can see the temperature and hygro data updated in the daily view, so I assume the BLE is working properly.

After a week at home, weekly and monthly views started to show some history.

Then I went away from home for 4 weeks holidays. During that time, the weekly and monthly views were NOT updated anymore, while the daily view kept showing up to date data.

When I came back home, the 4 weeks of data suddenly appeared in the weekly and monthly views after 2 days.
Since then (4 more weeks later), living at home, the weekly and monthly views have NOT been updated anymore. The daily view still works as expected with up to date data.

What can possibly be wrong that prevents weekly/monthly history charts to appear? How can this be fixed? I bought the bedside specifically for the BLE capability in order to get this history, and not having it working is really disappointing.

Thanks for your help


Funny, after the last MiHome app update last week, all data now appears as expected.
Now, the question is: will it keep working day after day?


I don’t think Yeelight is responsible for hygro-thermo history data, cause you can see daily data update from gateway of Yeelight bedside lamp, it means the lamp works well.

Please ask factory of hygro-thermo for more help.


I totally agree, the bedside is working fine.
The fact that all history appeared in graphs after I updated the app is another proof that the bedside works fine and that the server has all the data.
But this is a proof as well that the hygro-thermo works fine too.
The issue is (or was?) either with the data server which holds the data and does not send it back to the app when history graphs must be displayed, or with the app itself. I have to keep checking now with this new updated app (version 4.8.7) if things keep working.


Nope, it started failing again. So I guess the temporary improvement was not thanks to a fix but just due to the installation of the update, unless it was just totally random. Anyway, here’s what’s happening again, without me changing anything since the few days it worked:


I think you can contact hygro-thermo for help, cause you can see real-time data.