Yeelight and Aqara gateway

Hi since my Xaiomi gateway is broken. Suddely stops working, I bought a new gateway. A Xaoimi Aqara gateway. But This gateway doesn;'t appear in Mihome. So I had to download Agara app om my iPhone. This works for so far, all sensors are visible, but my Yeelight’s are not visible. Are these compatible with eachother?

I am afraid not.

You can try mihome app with Mainland China server.

@Michaelmiata89 I suppose you are talking about thehome kit enabled smart hub, right?
I am still wondering what is the purpose of this product without Mi Home support. Especially on android. On ios I guess that it will be able to control other homekit enabled devices.
Let us know if you have any news…

Yes that is the one I’m talking about. I use a iPhone and some Apple macbooks. So Siri or Apple homekit is a good option. But I can’t use this gateway/smart hub cause my Yeelight are not visible in homekit… Only light I can control is the ledring in the hub itself

I read the the yeelight products will soon be homekit enabled. Will then be able to connect to aqara hub?