Yeelight(Xiaomi) Ceiling light supports HA?

Hi, I’m planning to buy a ceiling light to setup in my room. But there are various kinds of Ceiling Light from Yeelight(Xiaomi). And I’m confused which one should I buy to connect to Home Assistant(moreover Homekit).
Can you help me with this?

First one I’m considering is this: Mijia smart ceiling light

It is from Mijia. On the description, it says it supports Mi APP control but they not mentioned google assistant or yeelight app.
Does it support Home Assistant? And does it supports yeelight app?
(Ceiling light from Yeelight supports both MI App and Yeelight app so I’m asking this)

Second one I’m considering is this: Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD04YL (450)

This is from Yeelight. And it supports MIJIA app and Yeelight app.
I searched some documents about “Yeelight Wifi Bulb” and “Yeelight led ceiling light compatible with HA” from HA sites and forums but there are no mentions about 450 or 480 Yeelight Ceiling Light. Mostly about 650.
Is there anyone knows if 450mm one supports HA?


It will be so greatful if you help me with this and if you know something about releasing new ceiling light, please leave a comment please.
Thanks for reading.

They both make by Yeelight, so both of them support Mijia and Yeelight application. And also Yeelight devices supports GH/Alexa/IFTTT, but not homekit.

So any one of them is ok.

Thanks a lot for the information you provided.
By the way, can I ask if you know any of them supports Home Assistant?
You don’t need to reply if you don’t know about this.