Alarm operation.

I could not run the setting on two lamps at the same time. Though kill. One is lit on time, the other is not (does not light). There was a Singapore server. I switched to German (in my recommended). German lamps are turned on. Both are included. But the “setup” does not start at the same time. The difference is up to 10 seconds. More precisely, it does not always happen simultaneously. At the same time it happens only sometimes.
Another point - I made the adjustment with several frames. The setting is triggered by the alarm at a certain time. If I change the parameters of some frames, then when the alarm goes off, these new settings of the frames do not appear. It works before the change. It is necessary to include in the alarm clock for example just white, and then turn on the “settings” again, then the changes are updated and the alarm turns on the light correctly.
Still - it’s a pity that you can not save a bookmark or setting on the device. It would be convenient to restore color settings and bookmarks when changing to another server.
Still - the choice of color on a photo on Meizu MX4pro does not work.
Still - it would be great to be able to choose the “color” from the bookmarks in the “setting”.
Thank you!