Sync the color of multiple color bulbs V2

Just bought several color V2 colorbulbs. I like to know if I can sync the color of multiple lights at the same time. Two of these bulbs are used in my livingroom and I want them to give “warm” white light (about 2700K). How can I do this? I can do presets like the scene. But I don’t like the color of these standard scenes.

Combine the lamps into the room - and you can make the same color-light for all the lamps.


You can either take a snapshot with creating a scene, or you can combine your bulbs into a group or a room, like suggested.

You can create a scene including both lamp. I’ve posted a little video that shows how to create customized light (2700K is the default CT suggested by the Yeelight app when you create a new light frame) and use them in a scene. After that, you can even activate your scene with Google assistant.

Thx all! With your support It worked out for me!