Yeelight bedside lamp connection problem (bluetooth)


I got the yeelight bedside lamp 3years ago and lamp was connected with my Samsung galaxy note 4.

But my note 4 was broken recently, so i got the new phone of samsung galaxy S9+.

I tried to connect with my new S9+ phone, but i can’t connect with it by any method.
(I already tried to Lamp factory reset by press and hold on/off button with into power adapter.)

Is there any method to connect with my new Phone?

And could you explain the exact reset way of bedside lamp?

Have a good day~!

Could you see a bluetooth access named like “XMCTD” from bluetooth settings?

Hello Mr.dingyichen. I could not find that name. There is not any device name about this lamp. I think this lamp still saved the note4 connection and it need to be initialized by another method. Is there any initializing method in circuit part?

No, the lamp is ready to connect for any phone, unless there is a phone already connected. Please make sure you have grant all the requested permissions in Yeelight app.

Hello, Mr.coasterli
First of all, thank you for your kindness about providing detailed information.
But unfortunately, my new phone can’t detect my bedside lamp in bluetooth option.
Therefore, Yeelight app also can’t search this lamp, i think.
(I already provide the all permissions to yeelight apps)

Is there any possibility about problem of bluetooth sensor or initializing device?
And do i need to connect the wifi for using this bedside lamp?

If you have any detailed user manual file, please provide me by e-mail.

Thank you.

I don’t think you need wifi connection for this lamp.

As this problem occurred after you got new phone, could you try with another phone?