I need help with getting xiaomi lights to work with alexa

Hi everyone. I have a home with xiaomi mijia devices. And I would especially like to use the xiaomi Philips light bulbs with Alexa. But how. I use the China mainland server but non of the bulbs appear in Alexa when trying to discover them. They work in the app

Only Yeelight devices support Alexa. Please don’t use the Yeelight forum for asking about other products from a different brand.

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Hi. I know that the xiaomi product work with Alexa I just don’t know how. And also xiaomi and yeelight is the same company xiaomi bought yeelight and is slowly integrating yeelight product into the xiaomi mijia app

Not exactly. Not all xiaomi products could work with Alexa. For the Philips bulb, you might need to go to xiaomi forum or philips forum if there is any.

Okay. THen i have another question about the yeelight. I bought 3 Yeelight V2 bulbs that can be used in Mi home app. I also have them on the Yeelight app. But Alexa still dont reconize the bulbs. I use Mainland china server

Yeelight alexa skill is about to support Mainland China server, stay tuned!

OKay Great. Is there any timeframe for when this is going to happen?

any news about this? thanks