Support for Alexa color changing in FRANCE

Hi, I’m really sad to discover that the Alexa skill in france doesn’t allow me to change color for the yeelight LED Bulb !
Are you planning for an upgrade ? When can we expect color changing to work like in the rest of the world ?

Which device do you have? And what did Alexa response when you set color to the bulb?

It’s a YLDP02YL.
Alexa answer in french : cela fonctionne uniquement lorsque votre lumière est réglée sur une teinte de blanc.

Witch can be translate by : it only work when your light is set on a white tint.

In the app it works perfectly.

Thank you for answering.

Excuse me. I’ve just updates the light and I van bof change color with Alexa !
Thanks again for your time.

Good to know it works.