Can operate by app not with Google Home/Assistant

Hello, I hope you can help. I could operate bij Mijia Desk Lamp by voice command via Google Assistant. But now I get the message: It looks like Mi Home is unavailable at the moment. I can also no longer connect to the Mijia from Google Home. I find this strange since I can operate the Mijia with both the Yeelight and Mii apps. Any ideas? i am in Europe and connected to the German server, as recommended in the app. Thanks for your help. Regards, Paul

How about say “Hey Google, sync my devices” and try again? If it still not work, please leave your xiaomi account, we will take a look at the issue.

Unlink mihome service and try again with Yeelight service.

Thanks for your response. I entirely remove the MiHome app. Newly set up the Yeelight app. But upon a Google voice command I still get the response MiHome is not available. Why does this MiHome say behind. How can I remove it from Google Home and replace this with Yeelight. Thanks in advance, Paul

You can unlink mihome service in Google Home app, instead of removing mihome app from your phone.

Thanks I found it. Problem solved.