Yeelight flickers

No idea what’s up with the backend servers. Added again to see if that can trigger a refresh. Or if you don’t mind, it could be done by resgitering your device onto China server, upgrading the firmware, then switching back to the original server.

I just did that. Updated to 0069 and switched back to germany server. I hope it’s fixed for the next time.

I can’t get the beta update from Singapore either, I’ll switch over to China and try.

You have to use Mainland china. Nothing else

I’ve been testing and it’s much better now. It’s super smooth when updating at 100ms or higher. Going lower than that still causes flickering, for example when capturing the screen at 32 or 16 miliseconds for videogames. For video playback it’s not an issue, 100ms is enough.

When can we expect the new linear parameter to exit beta and be available for everyone?

Btw, europe server is still buggy. Never gets firmware updates. I have to switch to china.
Singapore gets some updates, but never gets beta firmwares.

Is it still possible to get access to the beta (V2 1.4.2_032) firmware? My MI ID is 1575067353

I’m currently working on implementing music mode for the diyHue project, which is already capable of mapping Hue Entertainment commands over to the Yeelight protocol - but is currently doing so using sockets to the bulb which is rate limited.

I had music mode working but with the flicker as mentioned in this thread, after updating to 1.4.2_030 however the bulb’s colours (at least with my previously working code) were incorrect and caused the bulb to flash erratically in response to rapid set_rgb/set_bright commands. Hopefully the beta firmware can fix this?

Hi, yes, and just included your id in the list. Please check if the new version meets your requirements.

My Yeelight flickers and also I can see dark shading around the white plastic part at low brightness and also in some colours you can see some ghosting on the plastic and also dark spots. Is this normal? Can I also try the beta firmware? Id 1616936142.

Yes, it’s normal in low brightness.

I see this issue with my bulbs when transitioning/fading color temperature. Can it be fixed please.