How to fix Standby Buzzing for Yeelight Ceiling Light

I am a proud Yeelight User since about a year now and i love my Yeelight Ceiling light. But there is one thing that annoys me since the beginning of use. When the Light is turned off via Software (Light switch is still on), then it creates an almost unhearable buzzing sound that sounds a bit like a mosquito. I still have very good ears, so when it is quiet i could still hear it, even though it was fairly quiet.
After a Year of use i finally found a solution:

WARNING: THIS WILL PROBABLY VOID YOUR WARRANTY! This guide will require you to open up the light, where you will find high voltage components. Working on high voltage equipment can be life threatening! ONLY DO THIS IF YOU KNOW THE DANGERS OF HIGH VOLTAGE AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! You do this at YOUR OWN RISK!
I will not take any responsibility for damaged devices, injuries or other accidents caused by this modification!

Capacitors can still be charged, even after disconnecting the device. It is recommended to leave the light disconnected for at least a few hours before working on it…

With that being said, let me show you what i have dome to make it practically silent:

First you need to disassemble the light. This step will most likely void your warranty !
When you have access to the main board, take a look at the blue capacitors. Make sure that all capacitors are not touching other components. In my case, one capacitor was touching the component next to it. Slightly bend it back. DO NOT BEND IT TOO MUCH!

That should be it!

In my case, the buzzing went from very quiet to almost unhearable. But your results may vary. This is not guaranteed to work.
If this helped you, feel free to share your results!
And remember to be careful when working on such things…


Thanks for sharing your solution! We already asked our factory to pay attention to the noise caused by the capacitor.