So many issues with yeelight white v2

Color bulbs are working fine, but there are so many issues with white bulbs v2:

  • Connection via MI Home to Google home doesn’t work
  • Sometimes after a hard power switch of and on they stay shown as offline
  • connecting to them via LAN using FHEM software for automatization color bulbs are working fine but white often are shown as disconnected, I can’t check or control.

So I would not buy them again and I would not recommend to buy them.

Why they are so different? Can’t this be fixed via firmware upgrade?

Actually it’s same hardware and software platform with color version. No reason to be so different.

Please show me the firmware version of your color bulb and white bulb.

1.4.2_0017 white (all of them)
1.4.2_0030 color (all of them)

Issues with fhem, which connects to the lamps via LAN:
I can send the blink command to color lamps but I can’t send to white lamps. I can blink only manually using the yeelight app. But I want to use all this bulbs for some workflows.

And a big issue is: all my yeelight bulbs are available in the mi home app. But when I connect Google Home to MI Home the white bulbs are missing in Google Home. This issue has been described several times here in the forum.

If the hardware of white and color bulbs really is similar then there should be a way to use software with similar functions?

Normally I would need only white bulbs in all my lamps. The only reason why I obtained more color bulbs which are more expensive is: they are working, but the white bulbs can’t be used for what I planned them to use.

show me the blink commands you used.

Try Yeelight service in Google Home app. MiHome google home service is out of our control.


There is a Yeelight module in fhem which I use. Someone would need to analyse the code of this module.

And it works with color bulbs but it doesn’t work work so good with white bulbs.

Regarding using Yeelight integration into Google Home:
My ID was added to the whitelist for Mainland China support and it was available in Google Home for a few days. But then it disappeared and can’t be added again.

But even if yeelight integration will work: when I add mi home AND yeelight to Google Home then I have all other bulbs twice and this is confusing for Google Home. Renaming all devices from one connector to have different names is not the solution I would like.

You see: there ARE issues and they are not so easy to solve. It’s not plug and play. Color bulbs are plug and play, that’s why I started this thread.

I recommend you connect Yeelight service in Google Home app. MiHome service is out of our control. If you wanna keep both of those two services, you can either forget those duplicated devices under MiHome service, or edit the nickname to distinguish those duplicated devices.

Show me the actual param you used.


How is it possible to "forget"the individual devices in MiHome? I have Yeelight (all lights now show!) but under MiHome I have Air Purifier - but I don’t need other lights, as they have the same names and it confuses Google Assistant…

Sorry, it’s alexa support deleting device. You can create different nick name for the duplicated devices.

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“Show me the actual param you used.”
In FHEM I do “set devicd123 blink” but without analyzing the code of the modul I don’t know what exactly is send to the bulbs. I am an BI expert but not an application developer. I only know: there is a difference between white and color. Color bulbs are working fine, white bulbs not.

I understand that you can’t easy influence the mi home app development. But the main reason why I selected yeelight devices to buy is that they should be part of the mi home ecosystem. I ordered some other xiaomi devices and I need to use the mi home app. Or I need to find another easy to use solution which can integrate all my different Smart Home devices.

Google home via yeelight connector is working again, but my goal was and is to combine yeelight devices with other xiaomi devices, to combine with switches, cameras, motion detectors. So please influence the mi home developer to make your devices work properly in the mi home app.

Using the GH to yeelight connector can be only a temporary workaround until the Mi Home app has full yeelight support. Or how I should create automatization workflows in the yeelight app?

I can’t agree with you more, but again, mihome service is out of our control. I believe it’s not about do or not, but when and how.

I tried with white v2, it works fine with the blink command. There must be something wrong with the implementation for FHEM. You can contact the developer to confirm.