Yeelight "update connection status"

Hello all,

Some time ago I bought a Yeelight LED Bulb (Color) and I was able to find it and connect to it with my cellphone. I had been using it for several months, but recently I moved to another place and changed the wifi and therefore I tried to connect to the device again with the new wifi, but I can’t get to do it…

When I did it several months ago, it was a very straight-forward thing to do, and it connected perfectly. Yesterday I tried the same I did back then, selecting china server in both yeelight and mi home apps, deleting the old device and resetting it several times. But everytime I find the device and try connecting to it, it fails when “updating connection status”.

It always gets a timeout error, and even if I try several times more, it never pass beyond this step…

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

show me your xiaomi id please

Mi mi id is: 1640188039.

Thank you for answering :slight_smile:

I just connected the bulb to my cellphone’s hotspot, and it worked perfectly. But when I try to do it with my WiFi connection, it fails giving me a timeout. The connection is 2,4 ghz so it should work…

What am I doing wrong??

Ok, I found the solution! I had to change my router dns to google’s ( and it worked! It paired at once, I’m so happy I can use my yeelight again!!! weeeeeeeeee

Looks like your ISP has hijacked the DNS request towards our server.