yeelight app - how can I change the order of devices, how to sort alphabeticaly?

the order of devices in the android yeelight app is very strange, I can’t find a system. How can I sort alphabeticaly or manually the order?

Yeelight app doesn’t support change the order currently.

Could this be added as a feature request?
I just ordered some more yeelight devices and I imagine how unusable a big unsorted list will be.

You can add Rooms or Groups to manage your devices. @aisberg

I know, but this doesn’t solve issues with unsorted lists.

Yeah this is kinda annoying tbh, if I want to set a lightstrip color individually and i have to go find one on top of the list and another lightsrip is on the 2nd to the bottom, grouping them will only set the light in the same state.

Like maybe an option to group all lightstrip in one place and bulb in another place, something like that or just sorting option would be very helpful.

That’s exactly why we designed Room device list, when you have too many devices, it will be easier to find it in Room Device list.

Still no plans to add devices sorting? Simple drag and drop would be very useful.

Still looking for this simple feature too. Even Mi Home app has the ability to sort/order devices and rooms.