Mi Home Application: Timers not working with Yeelight!

I just got a Yeelight White Tunable bulb and the timer function in the Mi Home application does not work. If I set a schedule (turn on at 8pm, turn off at 7am) outside of the scenes area, in just the scheduling area, it works. But if I try to set a timer to run a scene (increase brightness, turn on/off, etc) it doesn’t work. I understand this was a known issue in the Yeelight application but has been fixed there. It’s still very much an issue in the Mi Home application and I’ve contacted Xiaomi about it but they rarely respond to me… Any suggestions to fix this? Please don’t suggest using the Yeelight application. My whole smart home is centered in the Mi Home application so I’m not leaving the Mi Home application.


Just use Yeelight App to set the schedule and then use MiHome app.

How do you do that if all of my lights are in the Mi Home application? Do I have to remove all of them, add them to the Yeelight app, then re-add you he Mi Home application? A work around isn’t a solution… This should be fixed… Please can you guys work with Xiaomi to patch this issue in the Mi Home application? I’m not the only one having this issue…

Yeelight App and MiHome share the same database, that means if you connect your bulb in either App, you could see the device in the other App.
What we could do is trying our best to improve Yeelight app, MiHome app is really beyond our control.

My bulbs are all connected in the Mi Home app. I downloaded the Yeelight app and none of my bulbs are showing up. Any suggestions?

Nevermind. I had to change to “Mainland China”. Thanks! This will work for now until I hear from Xiaomi (might be a long long time