Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 650 not appear in Yeelight App,but in the Mi Home App

I added device in the Yeelight App, but the app scans and does not find my Yeelight 650. Bluetooth on iPad and iPhone is switched on. I reseted the lamp several times but it does not work. In the Wifi Settings of my iPhone and iPad, I can see the Yeelight Ceiling Light. The remote works as well.
I tried Singapore and german server.

But in the Mi Home App (Mainland China server), i can add the Yeelight 650 ceiling light and there it works perfectly.
I disconnected the light in the Mi Home App, reseted it and tried it again in the Yeelight App, but there the App cannot find the lamp.

A new installation in the Mi Home App works fine again.

The Problem:
I want to use Amazon Alexa Integration. But in Germany there is only a Yeelight Skill for Alexa available, not a Mi Home Skill (and in the Mi Home App there is the Chinese Server that does not support Alexa or google).
So I cannot use Alexa, because my Yeelight app does not find the ceiling light 650.

Maybe anybody has a clue or can help with this problem.
Maybe the Yeelight app does not support the 650.

Thank you very much.

We have released new version(Android) 3.1.51 from Google Play, could you have a try with it?

Hi dingyichen!
Thank you very much for your help!
I tried it with a friends Android Tablet and after some time out issues, i could install the Ceiling Light 650 with
the yeelight app!! Everthing works perfectly and Amazon Alexa, too!!
So the new Android Version 3.1.51 fixes the problem i had have.
I only have an iphone and an ipad! The latest iOS Yeelight App version ist 3.1.23!
So do you think, there might be an iOS Yeelight App update, soon, that will fix that problem, too?

Yes, iOS version will be also updated very soon.

Now, there is a new Yeelight App Version 3.1.33 in the iOS App Store. And this version works with the Yeelight ceiling light 650!!
Problem solved!!