Connection Timed Out Color Bulb E27

I recently bought a Xiaomi product, which was the Yeelight RGB E27, I tried to set it up, and it started blinking a lot before it turned off, so the only result that I would get was Connection Timed Out or that the device wasn’t available. I first used the US servers, they didn’t work, so I reset the bulb and changed to the China’s servers, didn’t work either, so I did the same thing a few times with all the other servers.
I don’t think it’s a problem with my network, since the modem is next to the outlet where I’m trying to put my yeelight.
Any solutions?

Which voltage do you use? Does it match the bulb?

As long as I know, the bulb needs 220v, my outlet’s can only reach 110v, but I’ve been using an adapter which steps up the voltage to 240v ; Didn’t work either.

It would be helpful if you provider a video to show it.

And which device bulb do you have? we have released a wide-voltage(110v - 240v) bulb, link is