Sponsoring Yeelight and Xiaomi products

This is getting ridiculous…
I have requested sponsoring months ago. Did receive an e-mail address to contact: but nothing! Tried the general address of Xiaomi: nothing. This forum: nothing!

I run a popular Dutch weblog on home automation. My blog is read a lot and has been featured on different popular websites.

I have received offers for sponsoring by other parties already but would prefer Xiaomi / Yeelight since my current home automation is built mainly on Xiaomi products.

Please let me know what the possibilities are, especially for the new Yeelight Led strip plus, but also some other items, including Xiaomi products that are not directly related to Home automation but play a part in the household (e.g. Roborock).

Hi Kasvand, thank you for interest in reviewing Yeelight products. Can you kind send the link, PV, UV of your blog to marketing@yeelight.com?We have a reviewer pool, I could include that to our reviewer list. Thank you.

My blog has just been picked as blog of the month on Tweakers.net and hardware.info… I’m getting loads of visitors seriously interested in domotica. Every blog post I hear from people they’re inspired by my blog and have ordered Xiaomi products…
I have sent many mails, but I hear nothing. I’m out of materials for my blog… I need more Xiaomi/Yeelight gear to continue.
Help me out here! It will be worth it! Guaranteed.