White Mode missing on the new Yeelight Lightstrip Plus?

I just bought the Lightstrip Plus everything went fine until I relize there is no White Mode on the new Lightstrip Plus (Yeelight App), is it intentional or a glitch?

Sad that I’m not able to syncronize my old lightstrip with this on the white mode

New issue: Google Assistant didn’t recognize Yeelight Lightstrip Plus (China Server)

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@coasterli @dingyichen help?

It is intentional to remove white mode to pass some certification in Europe, we will consider add it back and only hide it in EU server. But i can’t commit anything when we complete at this point.

Skill of Yeelight only support servers except Mainland china server.

Ah I see, I hope you guys could roll out White Mode at some point

Yes, we will.


I hope so soon! really need it. Why is the white mode an issue on EU certification?

I am in Europe, but my application is set to be in Mainland China and still no White Mode. Can you add my account to the China so I can get the White Mode? Mi ID: 1687460855

I have the lightstrip 1s, I’m using it in the Xiaomi home app but it’s missing the white options in the Xiaomi app. Which is odd as there are white options in the yeelight app for the 1s, and there are white options for other yeelight lights in the Xiaomi home app. But not for the 1s, why? (Global server)

Unfortunately I need to use the Xiaomi app for home automation, so this is fairly annoying since the lightstrip can do it is just missing in the software for Xiaomi.

So, if I order new 1S now, it will have white options deactivated? What about if I buy PRO version? Does it still support white options?