White Mode missing on the new Yeelight Lightstrip Plus?


I just bought the Lightstrip Plus everything went fine until I relize there is no White Mode on the new Lightstrip Plus (Yeelight App), is it intentional or a glitch?

Sad that I’m not able to syncronize my old lightstrip with this on the white mode

New issue: Google Assistant didn’t recognize Yeelight Lightstrip Plus (China Server)


@coasterli @dingyichen help?


It is intentional to remove white mode to pass some certification in Europe, we will consider add it back and only hide it in EU server. But i can’t commit anything when we complete at this point.

Skill of Yeelight only support servers except Mainland china server.


Ah I see, I hope you guys could roll out White Mode at some point


Yes, we will.


I hope so soon! really need it. Why is the white mode an issue on EU certification?