Yeelight Is Malware ?

So I was, like, texting and stuff while something was downloading itself. When the download was finished, I got a notification saying Yeelight is possibly malware. I had no idea what Yeelight was, but recently, these apps did the same on my phone: devices,provision,whone.

Plz dont ban me

Where do you download Yeelight application? Please install it from Google Play.


Could you please help to translate the alert message on the screen you attached?

I really don’t know why you don’t ban this user . It’s obviously a spammer.
The “alert message” is in Greek language. In a few words
Blocked by play protect,
This app may damage your device, hidden charges to your mobile account number or steal your personal data…

fanny thing is that the viber group on the background has the title:“ADD EVERYONE YOU KNOW”


No, we will not ban him, there is nothing to hide.

We will provide evidence to prove Yeelight app didn’t and will not spy any user.

It downloaded itself on my phone

Downloaded what?

Yeelight. It must have been a fake though because i couldnt find it

What do you mean? You mean, Yeelight app was downloaded and installed on your phone by itself?

Yes, but my phone had some apps which downloaded fake apps and stuff so it must have downloaded a fake app to scare me or something

Anyway, we finally make it clear.