firmware upgrade error

The lamp does not want to download the update, it reaches 30-36% and does not go any further.
I have her the second day, with other RGB bulb equipment or from Xiaomi I do not have such a problem.

please give us your mid and your device name.

I do not quite understand the question, but it’s probably about the account ID Xiaomi 188144902, and the lamp is called “Mi Bedside Lamp”.

I recorded videos, with the problem of updating.

Also, I do not want to detect bluetooth devices.

Other updates pass without any problem.

To debug this issue, I need you share your device to my account. @Lector

enter your Mi Account IP

@Lector PMed you

OK, I shared.

@Lector Done. Upgrade succeed with one shot on my side. And I removed it from my account.

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Thanks, I hope that there will be no problems later.