MI Motion Sensor // doest turn on yeelight but OFF

Hi guys,
maybe somebody can help me with this one real quick
I always struggle with the very simple szenario. Turn on and after 2 min off.
In my Bathroom it works fine. If Motion Sensor detects motion the yeelight Nr 1 in the badthroom turns on.
After 2 min without motion it turns of. Simple as that.
But I cant bring it to work with another Mi Motion Sensor Nr and another yeelight Nr2 in my hallway.
IF Motion detected switch on. If no motion for 2 min switch off. I reinstalled it 7x
but it only switches off after 2 min. but not on! Why ?

I can not understand what you said? What is your point? You mean Mi Motion Sensor in your hallway is not working? You said it only switches off after 2 mins, but not on? What is the meaning? If it could not switches on, how could it switches off after 2 mins? Please give us accurate detail. Thanks.