Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD04YL JIAOYUE 450 - HomeBridge support?

Hi, I’m planning to buy a Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD04YL JIAOYUE 450 ceiling lamp, but first I would like to know if HomeBridge will support it? It is crucial for me, to be able to control it by the Apple’s Home app.

Also, I have noticed that this lamp isn’t available in the Mi Home app. Can you confirm it’s possible to connect Xiaomi Yeelight YLXD04YL JIAOYUE 450 to Mi Home? I’m using Aqara’s Wall Switches and I would like to control the ceiling lamp with them.

Thank in advance for your help!

Ofcourse it is possible to connect it to MiHome app… Wired wall switch is not for controling Yeelight smart lights - they already have wifi for control. They are for controling regular (non-smart) lights. You need wireless aqara switch for 450.

OK, thank you, I do have wireless aquaria switches. Which device should I add from Hi Home app? I can’t see specifically the JIAOYUE models (450, 480, 650)…

How about Homebridge support? Does anyone use it and can confirm?

Just try adding “other” device and it will search

This is only possible on the China server. If your hub is for Europe, it wont connect. One of the worst product integration fails ever.

Amazing how the Yeelight staff just say it will work.