Yeti - Alternative app to control Xiaomi and Yeelight


We’ve recently added Xiaomi as a supported brand. Right now Yeti is compatible also with most of the popular smart home brands including Yeelight, Nest…

Xiaomi Sensors and Sockets are available in this first version.

You can follow this guide to connect your Xiaomi sensors and sockets to the Yeti app

How to control Xiaomi Smart Home devices with Yeti

Here you can find more information about the integration with Yeelight: [Update] Yeti, a new app to control Yeelight

Here you have some screenshots of the new integration with Xiaomi:

I hope you find it useful let us know!

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It didn’t work with the AC companion :frowning:

All of my Yeelight (except Mijia Bedside Lamp ver 2 and Desk Light) & LIFX works though

We haven’t tested that device yet. Can you please send me more info about that device?

Thank you for trying Yeti by the way!

What data do you guys need? I’ll be happy to help

Hello Mike,
A link with the type of device would be awesome also can you please send us that information to

Thank you so much!

Oh, dear…
I have been waiting for this so long.
Will try it out and let you know.

Hi, I’ve tried Yeti and it works well and is a nice UI!

One thing - is there any chance that you’re going to implement sunset as a trigger? So that it dynamically triggers a scene when the sun goes down (or ideally, I can specify 30 minutes before sunset)? That would be one thing that would make me use your app over any other!

I have 3 Hue bulbs with a gateway, and 3 Yeelight lightstrips and would love them all to come on at the same time just before sunset.

First of all thank you so much for trying Yeti.
Right now there are routines so you can set up manually what time you want your lights to turn on/off. But I like the idea of ​​doing that automatically regarding sunset or sunrise instead So I will open a ticket request with your idea.

Thank you!

Let me know if you have any other kind of feedback

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