Can't connect bedside 2 to Yeelight/mi home app


I bought bedside 2 today and I can’t connect to my wifi, it’s failed, I have “connection timed out”. I made many things :

My SSID is good “LiveboxDA42”, my pass too. I try with basics pass like 123456789…
I try with Mainland china, Singapour, Europe and USA server
I try mi home and yeelight app
I try with 4G access point with 2 providers different
My DHCP router see bedside and take IP adress
I try ping but waiting times exceeded, i have 198ms for responding, responding in 280 ms.

Can you help me please ?

Are they Yeelight bedside lamp or Mijia bedside lamp?
The first version is bluetooth and second is Wi-Fi version. If it’s first version, you should use Yeelight app to connect it and it has nothing to do with router/server because it’s just a bluetooth device.

It’s mija bedside lamp with wifi

could you provide you xiaomi ID?

id : 1679020535

would you try the method mentioned in this thread?

I try yesterday before posting my message, and I have same results, app says connection timed out…

OK, do you have a wechat account or whatsapp account? we can do some live debugging next Monday.


sorry but i hav’nt wechat or whatsapp account …

Can we continu here ?

Which country do you live?

Could you have a try with changing your router’s DNS server to instead of using automatically allocation?

I’m from France.

I can’t change DNS on my router’s. But when I try whith 4G access point I use Google DNS but it did’nt change anything

UP please