Linking Yeelight LED bulbs to both Android and iOS apps

I bought two Yeelight LED colour bulbs and successfully linked them both to my the Yeelight app on my Android phone. Once I have linked them to my phone, they are unable to be linked to my partner’s iOS app unless we reset the globe, which then removes them from my app. Is there a way that the globes can be controlled by more than one app at a time? It is very limiting if I am the only one that has control over the lights since they lose all functionality if I am not home and just become (dumb) white globes.

This can be closed… just found the info about being able to log in using the same account

On your Android or iOS App Development device, go to the Play Store or App Store and download the Yeelight app.
• Turn on Bluetooth on your device once the download is complete.
• When you open the Yeelight App, you’ll notice that the Yeelight goods are listed on the side menu. Simply select the bulb/lightstrip and hit the connect button.
• To turn on the bulb, follow the instructions on the device’s interface. Then connect your PHONE to the internet via WiFi. To continue, tap “Next.”
• In the APP, enter your WiFi password. To continue, tap “Next.” You’ve now formed a Wi-Fi network using the bulb.