Can Google Home Control range extended with Yeelight Led Bulb Mic?

As i know the bulb contains microphone .
Can we use it, to control Google Home?

Thank you

It’s just a bulb and doesn’t contain microphone.

But it does - Music mode

My phone asked permission of sound record when i tested it

Yeelight App asked for permission to let your phone record sound not for a mic located anywhere in the bulb…

Thats very intresting, because my phone was a different location, the bulb was reacting to the audio, but i will retest, when im home.

And check please also this:

Lumiere. The lamp has a built-in microphone, which allows you to synchronize the lights with the music being played.
16 million. With the application of colors, you can just pick any color of the spectrum.
Set the timer on and off the lamps! Start your day with a pleasant soft light.
Flowing Color This technology helps to synchronize the color of the lamp with any photo album and choose its main color.”

Well i have 8 of them… i am pretty sure that there is no mic :slight_smile: After all yeelight stuff confirmed that there is no mic. They know better than anyone. What is used is the phone…you can test this easily by blocking the mic in your phone in some distance from the music source.

I only own one :slight_smile:
I checked fast the music function.
I m also purchased light for its main functions, music feature was an extra for me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: