New Yeelight strip is listed on Gearbest

4m strip

1m strip

I wonder how many more you can attach to it?


The new lightstrip can be extended up to 10m. The extension strips are not compatible with the old version of the lightstrip.

So it come with 4m length instead of 2m? Thats great!

The new lightstrip will be 2m and the extension strips will be 1m.

Not too shabby, but I still can’t find the 2m extension on Aliexpress just the base

Looks like Gearbest have updated the listing.
Strip is 2m
Extension is 1m

how come it’s not listed in ?

The 1m extension are RGB as well?


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Hi, I see that the new version consumes less watts
Are they less shiny than the previous version? or do they have more or less lumens?