Feature request: add default state for soft on (bulb, ceiling lamp)


I see a lot of concerns here that the default state option is only for power outage.
It will be really great if you add the same for soft on: to choose default or previous state of the lamp/bulb.

Thank you!

Let’s hope that Yeelight team will implement such feature soon. Currently the default state works only if the electricity has been physically cut with a wall switch. If you use the app, the bulb will recover its last setting. In the meantime, if you want to have a “soft” default light while turning on your bulb with the app, you can go to the Customization section, create your light according to your need, go to Scene section, then create a new one with the customized light created previously. After that, you can use that scene to turn on your lamp with the desired setting. You can also turn your lamp on via voice command by saying Activate “your scene name”

I think we have already done the feature, which is named “Default State”.

It doesn’t work when you turn off/on the lamp using remote control, wireless switch or the application,
hence the request.