JIAOYUE 650 Google Assistant

I have some bulbs and some ceilling lights. i have also 4 JIAOYUE 480 and 2 JIAOYUE 650.
I’m trying to integrate with Google Assistant because it’s amazing (Good Job Team Yeelight!)
I have all them in MainLand China server because i turn on/turn off the lights with Aqara Wireless switch.(and door sensor…)

All ceilling lights works perfect except JIAOYUE 480/650.

When i sync MiHome and Yeelight account with Google Home APP appears nothing. If i change the lights to German Server, all appears, but i lose de physical switch (aqara).

What can i do for make everything work? Aqara switches to German server is possible? Google Home can recognize JIAOYUE lights like the simple ceilling light?

Thanks everybody!

If I am not mistaken, Yeelight only supports Google Home/Amazon Alexa from European and Singapore servers.
Most of the MiHome devices work better in China Mainland server, not others.
However, you may give it a try to have your Yeelight set in China Mainland.
Search for MiHome in Google Home “Home Control”.
There are a few devices supported for Yeelight, Xiaomi Wifi smart plug, vacuum cleaner…
However as I was told, no all Yeelight products are supported under MiHome in Google Home.
No harm to give it a try.

I have the setup like this, with mi home. I can control the simple ceilling light and some white&rgb bulbs. Not 480 and 650…
I can only turn on half house!


I just Also have a 480 ceiling light and I can’t find or control over the alexa or Google Home I just only find the bedside lamp the led strip and the bulbs v1 and v2

It’s normal? Or you are working on a solution?

Thank you and best regards

Google assistant (home) works for me on Chinese server, but not for all bulbs/lights

Hello all,

I just have also have a yeelight 480 ceiling STARRY LAMPSHADE model and even with yeelight and Mi home plugins added on the alexa or even in google home I’m unable to find this device on the list of light/devices to be controlled over alexa or google home

Is there anyone with the same issue or is any solution for this ?

Thank you and best regards

You can control it with Google assistant if you have agreed the lamp in Europe server. If you’re in China server, won’t work.

Ok thannk you for the information @Realius

This yes a very strange “politic” why is other lamps included on the china server and other not related to the voice control this doesn’t make me sense…

Any information about this topic from the Yeelight support ?

Thank you and best regards

Hello everybody!
I can confirm that now it works perfect!!
Thanks Yeelight and Xiaomi! You’re the best!!!

Now the question is…
What’s the voice command to activate/deactivate moon mode?

There is no direct voice command that could make it happen. But you can save the moon state to scene in Yeelight app, then use voice command "activate SCENE_NAME’ to activate it.

@Realius @mokchuzhen @kaneco @dalanik @MiAutomations

We have add Google Home support to all the devices connected to Mainland China server. Try it and let us know!

@dalanik Still have the problem?