Yeelight turning off and disconnects after a short period.

My ceiling light turns on fine for a minute or two then it suddenly shuts down. When I turn off the mains, wait for a short while and turn it on again, it will turn on and again shut off after a short moment.

I’m on the latest firmware and the yeelight app connects to it fine but goes offline when the lights shuts down…

This light is less than 4 months old and unfortunately I can’t get the local retailer to exchange as I got it online via qoo10.

What’s the issue with the light? I swapped it with another yeelight ceiling light and ruled out the electrical so something isn’t working here with this one :weary:

Hello, it sounds either like an overheat issue or a faulty product (after 4 months of use). Let’s see what will say the yeelight staff.

Reading the thread recently, looks like a lot of hardware issues… disappointing :weary: considering the higher price, expected better.

What’s your device’s model?

It’s the YLXD01YL and on the latest firmware

Here’s the pic before it went off…

Is this truly a hardware problem :weary: