Yeelight Ceiling Light - connection issues after last firmware update

Considering the major part of users never make use of LAN mode and some may even take it a security breach, it’s better to turned the feature off by default. MIJIA does not support toggling this option for reasons. But it is doable using Yeelight App.

Can i also have the “new” firmware? MI ID 1800763293. I use Amplifi HD Router

Latest release of yeelight app doesn’t allow to enable/disable lan control… It’s always disabled…

The issue with wifi disconnect seems to be fixed for now.
I have Ubiquity AC Long Range access point.

Which firmware are you using?

As feedback: The beta version fixed the issue

It’s very annoying to using two apps Mihome and Yeelight. Of course, user must remember to use the same server on both applications.
But I can live with that.
The worse is I have found another bug. Before update every change in status of the Lamp in mihome app, yeelight app was visible in HomeAssistant.
Now it is not. I can change brightness, colour and so on in Homeassistant, Lamp working fine, in both apps changes ar visible. But it’s not working the other way. When i manually change colour or brightness on the Lamp or if i use application to do this - in Homeassistant has no any effect.

Is there some changes in API?

Please whitelist my ID, too: 1658056936


Please whitelist my ID too: 1546985877

@liufei please whitelist my MI ID 1800763293. I have lots of problems with this. Thanks.

1624834967 also, please. There is a lot of bugs right now. Netis WF2880 as a router.

mi id: 1581974595
please add me…my light keeps turning on when i am sleeping… thanks @liufei @dingyichen

ID: 4151214965
Also have same problem. And please, turn lan control to default on

For f**k’s sake! The lamp is almost useless now! It doesn’t turn on with automation, time lag with wireless button is more than 3 seconds, and goes down offline randomly. Guys, please! I don’t need newest firmware, I just need working firmware (as previous one).


Hi, all, your id’s are in the whitelist now.
Sorry for the puzzles. We are pushing to release the new version.

Here is my mi account ID: 1444768120


你好,我的yeelight ceiling1吸顶灯最近频繁出现连接中断
先是home-assistant中出错,log error: unable to update bulb ststus, bulb closed the connection.
持续错误一定次数后,米家 & yeelight APP中也连接中断.
my ACCOUNT ID is 124932101.

我刚安装了皎月吸顶灯650,但接驳App后就突然关灯,用摇控也不可以开关。关掉电源一分钟后再开只会亮着5秒后就自动关掉,App显示设备脱机,所以不知道fireware的编号。我家中其他的吸顶灯(320和450)就操作正常。我们Mi account ID: 249733385