Problem with login to Mi Home app (ios)


I installed my new Yeelight cailing lamp. After i tried to login to yeelight app i have the message “Too many sign in attempts. Try again later.” for last 1,5 day. As login i use my email address. Somebody help?


I am refreshing. Up to now no-one responded from yeelight nor xiaomi.
Anybody help?

I signed up to a new account but i cannot link it with my phone, cause it is already binded to the “old” account…



How about login your account from browser :


Same situation, too many login attempts, says info… :frowning:


Please provider your xiaomi account or mail to register, I will post them to xiaomi account team to help u.


i use following mail to login: thanks!


They have fixed the issue, please have a try agin.


Thanks dingyichen, now everything works fine, you really helped me a lot!!!



same problem here :frowning:
I use the following mail to login:


Xiaomi account team have fixed the issue, please have a try again!


Hello, same problem here
I use the following account id to login: 1809790158


Same Problem with my account. it’s Please fix ist.


same problem here…


Please provider your mi account or email you use to login.


@TonegSh @duermi

Please have a try again, xiaomi account team has fixed the issue.


Hello I have the same problem, my e-mail for the Mi account is
can you help me too?thank you


Have fixed the issue, please have a try.


Same Problem for


Thank you a lot! It works perfectly!


Hi Dear Andy Ding,
Same problem with my account also. I can’t use my xiaomi device normally. Please help me.
My account e-mail:
ID: 1832239881