Change color/use recommendations for entire room via Alexa/MiHome app?

Hi there,

I am a newbie with Yeelight but I love it. I have a desk lamp and 3 bulbs in one room but I have two general questions to which I couldn’t find answers yet:

  1. Can you adjust the color via the app for an entire room or only for every bulb individually?
  2. Can you adjust the color to recommendations/favorites via Alexa?

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  1. create group or room in Yeelight app, then you can control multiple devices
  2. create room and apply recommendations or favorites to room, then create scene on this room. (Middle button of the bottom tab) Then you can activate this scene via alexa.

Hi coasterli,

I get that. But I think I need to rephrase my questions:

  1. The question is how would I change the color of the light for all my lightbulbs simultaneously? I can do it through Alexa but I haven’t managed to it on the app. Could you explain?
  2. How do I apply recommendations to a room? I do not find that option on the app.

I am using the miHome app. Is that the correct one?

Hi coasterli,

Any help would be amazing here :slight_smile: I love the product but I would really like to understand these two things.


You should use Yeelight app. Create scene, add devices… and the you press and all bulbs change at the same time.

Use Yeelight app, in room device list page, click the arrow:

Then the room control page will popup, you can control all the room devices and apply recommendations.