We need a proper physical remote

Hi all, I have a lot of yeelight bulbs around the house, and I’m really really like you guys.

The thing I’m missing the most is a proper physical controller for our lights. I’m talking of something like the IKEA TRÅDFRI remote:

The only option for now seems the Xiaomi Gateway + Magic Cube Controller combo. The cost for the 2 units it’s about 45/50 USD, that’s a lot.

Think about it, and keep going!

@weiwei any plans about this? Thank you very much.

You really should consider the Xiaomi ecosystem - the physical wall switches are great quality.

But it’s not a remote. A remote actually exist, (https://www.yeelight.com/en_US/product/kiwi) but it’s BLE only, so it’s not compatible with bulb.

if you need a remote you can move around, another option is the magic cube

Yes, I know, as I wrote in the first post, that’s a 45/50 USD solution for a remote. Looks too much for me.

ok good luck

I’d like to follow up on this. For Tadfri (which should soon be supported by yeelight but is ugly) and Hue there exist remote solutions. Also the remote via BLE for the Yeelight Ceiling Light exists.

However to my understanding, this remote is only able to Control a ceiling light or a group of ceiling lights, but not other single or groups of Yeelight Bulbs or strips via a BLE Gateway, correct?

Please provide us with a solution like this remote for all yeelights, the solution with the cube (which I own) just isn’t practical for dimming lights.

At least I’m not the only one! I do not think that Tadfri will be ever supported by Yeelight.

Yes, because the remote works only with the BLE line of Yeelight and the bulbs/strips are wifi.

There is a DIY solution for this problem: Get a Raspberry pi or any other microboard that supports some sort of linux distro and have a bluetooth receiver, make it a gateway out of it using the API provided for the wifi product. Then pair a bluetooth button (like this one) with the microboard. When the button is pressed, the microboard intercept the command sent by bluetooth and do the API call via wifi to the light.

I tried, it works, it’s fast, but it’s not the remote that you see from the others company (toggle the lights, dimmers, scene selection).

I think that the cube does exactly what I wrote:
Cube is moved -> Cube make a Bluetooth call to the Xiaomi Gateway -> Xiaomy Gateway sends the command to the server where the yeelight is registered (I don’t think that uses LAN control)

If anyone have the original BLE remote, Please make a try to pairing it with a windows or linux machine. Maybe we can do something in the meantime.

I tagged @weiwei last time hoping for a response on this, and I do it again now.

Any plans on a remote for the wifi products?