Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 "Turn Off" and "Moon mode" issue

If you press the OFF button on the remote control, the lamp does not turn off completely, the light remains as in “night mode”. Also, in night mode, the brightness is not regulated. As with the remote in the kit and with the application Yeelight.

Link to video -

This is a hardware issue, please contact your reseller for a replacement or refund. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you, dingyichen.

Contact with the seller is problematic. Maybe I could repair the lamp myself. How to disassemble the lamp?

Here today I dismantled the lamp. The problem is in the yellow LEDs.
From the visible on the board found only this place.

Is it possible to purchase this board separately (I think this is much cheaper than the whole lamp)?
Or get an electrical circuit for self-repair?

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Hi, I asked my colleague who is in charge of hardware for help that he said the lamp needs to change a board. I want to know 1) which country do you live? 2) If we send you the board, could you make the change of the board?

I live in Russia. Yes, I can replace the board.

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Hi, which city do you live? And where did you buy the lamp?

City - Orenburg.
The lamp was ordered to the store GearBest.

Please PM me your address, we will send you a new board. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Found out the faulty items on the board, but could not find their datasheets on the Internet. Where can I find their characteristics?

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I have exactly the same problem. The luminaire does not completely turn off when you turn it off from the remote and from the application,
I ask you to help in its decision. I have the same skills in working with technology, and I myself can replace the board in the lamp.
The lamp is bought in GearBest. I live in Russia, the City of Yekaterinburg.

Good afternoon!
And I have a similar problem. The yellow LEDs are always in moon mode, they are not regulated or switched off in any way. I’m in Russia, Moscow. Help with solving this problem.

@alexpak @bpoulb

This is a known hardware issue, so please contact your reseller for a replacement or refund!


I also have a similar problem. The yellow LEDs stay in moon mode, no way to switch them off.
Lamp was bought at gearbest

Sorry for the issue, please contact your reseller for a replacement or refund!

Привет Стас,
У меня есть несколько вопросов по поводу этой лампы, та же самая проблема. Могу ли я с тобой связаться?

I have exactly the same problem as me to be? How can I fix the lamp? I can not send the lamp back. I threw the box away. Can I get a circuit on the board?

I have a similar issue with the lamp. I cannot return it since I threw away the packaging and Gearbest is only offering partial (1/5 of the price) refund. This is of course not satisfactory since I want my intelligent connected lamp to be constantly connected and I can’t do that unless I am able to turn it off.

@dingyichen It would be nice if we could only get an information what needs to be replaced. Then we would also probably stop asking the same question over and over again :wink:
@Signite Have You found what exactly needs to be replaced?

Do you have Wechat? If you have ability to replace some units in the main board, our EE engineer can provider some help for u to resolve the issue.

No, I don’t have a Wechat. I can replace the elements. I would simply require information what exactly need to be replaced.