Couldn't link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


I’m stuck in the permissions page when linking my Yeelight to Google Home.

My ID is 1786101839

Hope you can help me soon! Thanks!

I have the same issue. It was working before. But I did an update with mi home and the connection was lost.

My ID: 1767595082

I found your devices offline, please keep online and try link it.
If you encounter error page, please take a screenshot to me.

I found your all devices connect to China server, Google Home can’t supported China server, please connect to Singapore server or US server.

Hi! I have them on right now. Hope you can help me soon. I’ve already allowed permission, but I keep going back to this screen.

I will send you a test account, you test it.

Hi, I sent you a message.

I can’t see my Yeelight on Google Home at all. I’ve tried this many times: From Google Home, Home Control, add Yeelight Actions. This opens a browser to sign in Yeelight with Mi Account and says " Linking your Yeelight Actions to Google Home." It then completes but no device is added. My device is visible from the Yeelight IOS app.
I’m using iPhone X and my account I’d: 1651374501

Don’t connected to China server! it can’t supported GoogleHome.

I do not understand. I think Have selected mainland China while setting up.
Will you please tell me how can I fix the problem?
I’m from Bangladesh.

Please refer to the link:

Go to Yeelight application --> open slide menu --> More --> Server, please select another server.

You need reset the bulb and reconnect it again.

It worked. I tried US server and it’s working fine now.

Thanks @dingyichen!

Hi Admin,

Im also having the same problem. I couldnt connnect my yeelight to my Google Home. ID : 1793852333

Anyway you could help?

Can’t connect light color bulb 1 to google home, my ID is 1757470612.
Any help? what’s the correct procedure?

Hey guy, I just found your bulbs connect on China server, currently, China server can’t support GoogleHome, please change other servers.


sorry I’m newbie to yeelight and xiaomi things, atm the bulb is connected through Mi Home app to China server. should I reset the bulb and use Yeelight app to connect to another server? If I connect through Yeelight app to a Singapore server would this prevent me to connect it to Mi Home app or I can control the bulb with both apps? Thanks for your answer!

Mi Home change server method:

Profile -> Settings -> Region

Hi team

I am facing the same issue, I can’t see the device after linking the account. I am also unable to add my MI Philip white light bulb to Yee app. My ID: 1775278029 I am connected to Singapore server.

Many thanks in advance!

I just found your ceiling light connected to China server, that’s not supported. Please select another server.