Yeelight LED Ceiling light (YLXD50YL) keeps disconnecting

My Yeelight LED Ceiling light (YLXD50YL) keeps disconnecting all the time. I have to connect it over and over again after each power off. Each time it switches on it keeps blinking like at first connection. Please help. Is there any fix?

Please provide your account ID and the server you are using, and I will try to enable the whitelist for you to update the firmware and check.

Server - Russia(Moscow)

My id is 4184553931
Also another person using it

I have enabled the whitelist. Maybe a new firmware will be pushed to you tomorrow and you can try it then.

The firmware appeared in the app, but when I try to update it nothing happens. I press red button then round progress appears. Like it’s in the process all the time, but it’s not updating. Is there anything else I should do?