Google Home link with Yeelight and Mi Home

Hey everyone,

I have my Mi Account which use for both Yeelight and Mi Home.
Btw, Mi Home is in Mainland China and Yeelight is in Singapore region. (I do not know is it the reason)
When connect to Google Home, sometimes the app added devices from the Linked account. But sometimes it showed no compatible devices. I’ve been dealing with it for a month now.
In case it works (devices added to Google Home), then it automatically removes itself from Google Home after a night. :smile:
My ID: 1690484738
Anybosy have some insight about this, please give me some information.
Thank you so much!

According to my inquiry, there are only devices on the Singapore server under your account. Before you connect to Google Home next time, you can switch to the corresponding region in Yeelight App and then connect.