Yeelight Halo lamps disconnect from smart dimmer 220v

Hello, I have a Yeelight Halo YLXD50YL. It began to disconnect from yeelight smart dimmer 220v every day. It helps only to turn off the wall switch and after reset he works again.
SAME time battery dimmer works fine for years, and ios app yeelight works fine.

With my Halo Pro YLXD49YL same problem, but every 6-7 days. 220v dimmer disconnects,yeelight app and battery dimmer works perfect

Could you take a look and give me advice?

Firmware Halo 2.0.6_0016
Firmware Halo PRO 2.0.6_0019
MI ID 4182655466

Please switch to the mainland server, connect the device to the mainland server, upgrade the firmware to the latest, and then connect to the corresponding server again.

Upd. Actually after 15 tries its updated, need some testing for results


I reconnect lamp to mainland server, and app see that update exists(2.1.7_0030) but i press update and after 100% nothing happens, not error/success just same picture, update exist press update. I tryed like 10 times, but result is same. What can i do?