Yeelight Screen Bar Light Pro - Continuously blinking - app does not find it


I bought Yeelight Screen Bar Light Pro, last year, and I’ve spend more trying to get it to work than using it. I’v had it connected to the same charger, plugged in directly to the socket, and sometimes it works, sometimes it just shuts down.

My current problem is that it keeps blinking, front then back about 1 per second. I tried unplugging 5 times, did not change anything. Both the apps Xiaomi Home and Yeelight cannot find it.

I tried different chargers, some don’t even turn it on, some turn it on and it keeps blinking.
Is there anything else I could do to fix this?

You can try to use a 5V2A transformer to connect to the light.

I did try, I even tried a charger that shows how much current charges, it gives up to 5V 2.4 A per USB, using it with a certified USB A to USB C 3.1 G2 cable. And it’s drawing only 5V, and the amps are all over the place, continuously changing, usually around 0.2-0.4 A, I’ve seen it go up to 1.2A rarely, but never 2 A. My Phone is taking a constant 1.6 A and my laptop 2 A so the charger is behaving correctly. I’ve tested the charger with Ampere on my phone as well.